June 2020 Minutes (15th)

Minutes of the of Dunston Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 15th June at 7.30pm via Zoom.

PRESENT: P.Cllrs R.McLuckie (RM) (Chair), L.Phillipson (LP), K.Atken (KA) &  Clerk L.Stocker (LS)(Minutes)

APOLOGIES: C.Cllr. R.Kendrick, D.Cllr. N.Byatt (NB), D.Cllr. L.Pearson, P.Cllr. P.Moore (Vice Chair) & E.Vinter (EV).


ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: The minutes were held to be a true and accurate record.

  • County Cllr Kendrick’s monthly report had been shared prior to the meeting.


  • The work to the fence has been completed.
  • Government guidelines relating to use play equipment use have been put up at the entrance to the car park and playing field.
  • The annual RoSPA playground inspection will be arranged. 

Action: LS


  • The grass verge along the The Beck is overgrown, but LCC maintenance is due between 15.06.20 – 19.07.20. Concerns that this may affect growth of the young trees has been raised. Parish Councillors have agreed to clear around the tree bases and purchase/install protective sleeves around the trunks. 

Action: RM/LP

  • A bin for The Splash was identified and agreed for purchase.     

Action: LS


  • From 21st June a convoy system will run at B1189 at Martin Moor & the B1189 at Moor Lane, Metheringham. This is due to road resurfacing.
  • The trees at the Village Hall car park entrance are overgrown and limiting visibility. Ownership will be established to allow this to be addressed.
  • LCC have requested that areas of concern are highlighted to assist the work of the new Road Gangs. Dunston’s planned work is in March 2021, but as ‘on-the-spot” repairs may be undertaken, the following areas have been noted:
  • The directional signs at the top of Fen Lane need cleaning.
  • The three-way sign at the T-junction of Fen Lane and the unnamed road to Metheringham (after Prior Lane) requires cleaning.
  • The surface of the B1188 Dunston Heath Road Lane is in very poor repair along its length, with the bends becoming particularly treacherous.
  • The culvert on Back Lane (by school/path to Nocton) needs cleaning.
  • The culvert on the corner of Chapel Lane needs cleaning.
  • The Beck needs cleaning.
  • The banks of The Beck need strimming.
  • A damaged tree has fallen across The Beck near Little Paddocks.

INSURANCE: The renewal policy was refined. Action with Came & Co.

Action: LS

FOOTPATH ACCESS : The concerns regarding access to the footpath between the Stepping Out point and Wasp’s Nest are no longer an issue. 

FINANCES (as of 15th June)


The Parish Council also curate an account holding funds allocated to preservation work on behalf of the Trout Project. The current balance is £9,300.45. 


Monday 29th June 2020 at 7.30pm via zoom.      

The meeting closed at 8.15pm.