January 2021 Minutes (4th)

Minutes of the of Dunston Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 4th January 2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom.

PRESENT: P.Cllrs R.McLuckie (RM) (Chair), P.Moore (Vice Chair) L.Phillipson (LP), R.Churchward (RC), P.Duncan (PD), G.Armstrong (GA),W.Haggerty (WH), D.Cllr. N.Byatt (NB), R.Boden (RB) & Clerk L.Stocker (LS).

1. INTRODUCTION OF NEW CLERK: The new clerk, Rowena Boden joined the meeting. She will be working alongside LS until the end of the month. (1/21)

2. APOLOGIES: C.Cllr. R. Kendrick, D.Cllr. L.Pearson & P.Cllrs. E.Vinter 


4. ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES: The minutes were held to be a true and accurate record. (Prop. PM/ Sec. PD) 



There have been no developments to report since the last meeting. (2/21)



Website : The new website is operational and can be accessed via https://dunston.parish.lincolnshire.gov.uk/. Anyone using the old address will be automatically redirected. (3/21) 


Incredible Edible: The Dunston Diggers (DD) are keen to increase the planting around the Village Hall through participation in the Incredible edible project. DPC approve this plan, but specified that any funding requests would need to made in the usual way. (4/21)

Change of Clerk: The details of RBs role were outlined and included handing over the details of the PC accounts, working hours and professional training. A laptop   and cover have been donated (PD and PM) to the PC for the clerks use. Any relevant information will need transferring. Action (5/21)

Action: PD/LS/RB


Community Help In Particular Situations (CHIPS) has been working to provide short term help to Dunston residents for over ten years. During the pandemic the group have been accessible to the community and have been able to help a number of people requesting assistance. As the restrictions continue, concern has arisen that more people might be struggling to manage but have not sought any support. A request for suggestions as to how to reach this group was made. 

CHIPS were praised for their efforts and the following points were made: 

  • The size and demographic of Dunston is different to other villages, so the impact of Covid could feasibly differ. 
  • It can be difficult to ask for help, especially for the first time. 
  • Social Services might be able to signpost people towards CHIPS
  • Branston Community Group – Good Neighbour Scheme may have some practical suggestions as they cover a much larger area. (6/21) 


Community Work Gangs : The work gang are due to be completing maintenance tasks around Dunston during February and March. The list of suggested tasks needs to be finalised and forwarded to C.Cllr Kendrick. Action (7/21)

Action: ALL 


Village Keeper’s Report: This was shared prior to the meeting. There were no issues to address. (8/21) 

Chafer Bug Treatment: Additional quotes have been received and distributed. A decision was made to employ D.Pearse to apply Tursolv in the spring, as previously specified. As additional areas of grass appear to have been affected, the scope of the work may need to be expanded.(9/21)

NKDC Cycling Infrastructure Survey: The completed document has been sent. As an aside,  a suggestion was made to promote Dunston as a ‘cyclist friendly’ village was made, possibly using a number of measures (such as signage) to advertise this. Research. (10/21)

Action: PD

Village Christmas Tree:  The reaction to the tree has been very positive. The decorations will be stored for future use and the tree recycled. Action. (11/21)

Action: RM/PD

Speed Controls: Speeding vehicles continue to be an issue. This needs addressing, particularly as an increase in traffic is an anticipated as the large development nearby is begun. A variety of mechanisms for addressing this were discussed, including the use of hand held speed guns, visual road narrowing /use of white lines, digital reminder signage and village gates. Revisit. (12/21)

Overgrown Hedges: 

a. The guidance regarding the maintenance of the hedges on The Green is still outstanding, despite attempts to contact NKDC for advice. Chase. (13/21)

b. The footpath alongside the school has become increasingly overgrown. This still needs addressing. Contact Beeswax and see if they can help. Action (14/21)

Action: WH

Ross Churchward left the meeting at this point 

Action: LS


The Village Hall is closed, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. (15/21)
FINANCES: As of 4th January 2021


Current (Treasurers) Account (statement dated 18.12.2020) - £14,520.05

Deposit (Bus Instant Access) Account (statement 09.11.2020) - £15,293.53*        

*13p Interest added - £29,813.58


a. Village Keeper’s Salary (December) - £134.32

b. Clerks Salary (December) - £224.18

c. D.Pearse – Mole trapping (13 x £10.00) - £130.00

d. R. McLuckie – Christmas Tree (Additional costs) - £14.67 

Total - £503.17

Reconciliation :

Current Account Reconciliation: 

Current Account - £14,520.05

Expenditure - £503.17  -   

Working Balance - £14,016.88                      

Current Account (after payments) - £14,016.88

Deposit Account - £15,293.53 +

Reconciliated Total - £29,313.41 (16/21)

BANKING: The Mandates for the Parish Bank accounts need to be updated. Arrange a zoom meeting to discuss and action. (17/21)
Action: GA/RB/LS


RM provided an overview of how the Precept is set and raised from council tax, before a more detailed discussion to set the 2021 Precept followed. 

Key points considered were: 

1. Fixed Costs i.e.:


Maintenance & Inspections 


2. Agreed Spending: 

Installation of a Digital Hub at the Village Hall.

Increased and improved bench provision around the village.

Chafer Bug Treatments. 

3. Essential Maintenance: 

Treatment/painting of fence surrounding the playing field. 

Repair damaged wall (outside Village Hall).

Resurface the entrance area at the playing field. 

4. Provisional & Contingency Costs (Inc. those relating to the Village Hall) 

5. Aspirational Items: 

Passive speed controls 

Improved parking facilities at the Village Hall

An increase of 3% was unanimously agreed (Prop. PD/ Sec. GA.) Action (18/21)
Action: RM/LS


Monday 18th January 2020 at 7.30pm via zoom. 

Meeting ID: 883 592 6322       Password: 1Bsbxr 
It was agreed to review the increased frequency of meetings at the start of April. (19/21)
The meeting closed at  9.00 pm.